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Director of Operations | Co-Founder
Amit Sehgal is a Co-Founder, Investor, and the Director of Operations at Impeccable Development. Mr. Sehgal has owned and managed Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the Mid-Atlantic region for the past 14 years. Mr. Sehgal completed his college at Monroe College, NY with degrees in Business Management and Computer Information Systems.
In addition to Mr. Sehgal’s ownership in his portfolios, he also owns ERP solutions, a consulting company providing Design, Architecture, and ongoing consulting expertise. The skill sets he acquired through his experience with these operations have contributed to massive success within his own businesses.
Mr. Sehgal has extensive experience in operating QSR operations in malls, street-side locations, commuter terminals, MTA, and freestanding drive-thru locations. Amit is a hands-on operator with great attention to detail within his operations. Amit has adopted the business discipline and stayed true to his philosophy of identifying businesses that have room for operational improvement in geographically sound areas. 
Mr. Sehgal oversees day-to-day operations across all of the firm's franchise holdings and sits on the Impeccable Board and Real Estate committee.

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