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Dr. Jeffrey

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Co-Founder | Investor
Dr. Postal, Co-Founder and Investor of Impeccable Development is a businessman and entrepreneur who brings extensive business acumen and significant capital to the group.
Dr. Postal began his career graduating from Temple University Dental School with a DMD degree. Upon moving to South Florida, he grew his practice to include 7 offices under the umbrella of Craniofacial Pain Diagnostics, of which he was CEO and Founder for 13+ years.
Following, Dr. Postal's success in dentistry he founded and invested in numerous other business ventures including but not limited to Sportacular Art, Postal Consulting Services, Datastream Card Services, Capstone Companies (CAPC), Nature's Sleep LLC, Ghostbed LLC, Postal Family Trust, Keith Saint Germain (KSGNF LLC), all of which have been tremendous successes. Dr. Postal sits on the Impeccable Development Real Estate committee and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the firm.

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